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domingo, 12 de mayo de 2013

The one

The source of inspiration of the following extract is “Fatso”, a short story, written by Etgar Keret. For those who haven´t read it this is the link to the narrativehttp://stuyww.weebly.com/uploads/1/4/0/6/14065772/etgar_keret_fatso.pdf

There is life. And, there is us. Where is your man? Where is your woman? On the globe.

If you are seeking for a partner, stop seeking. Your partner is not going to appear now. Maybe he is out there waiting for you. Maybe he is next to you now. Maybe he is reading what i am writing now. Maybe you are my partner (sorry, my future partner). But I say maybe. MAYBE.  And, only maybe, I am and will be yours.

The real love (in days to come) is that made up of no words. There are neither sentences nor verbal expressions to describe what real love is. I guess we are all looking for something similar to fill the gap. So, mind the gap please. Have you ever heard that recorded woman saying “mind the gap please, between the train and the platform”? Maybe she is the one. Or maybe not, who knows. So if you have the opportunity to meet her, please do it and mind the gap. Maybe my one is the randomer who bombarded me with strange questions at 5am on my way back home and terrified me. Maybe the fact that I saw the same randomer three times in the same place means that he is the one. Quizás si, quizás no. Todo es cuestión de plantearselo.

Okay, bromas a parte. A sí que bueno... the thing that I want to make clear is that the other is not there to fill our emptiness. The other is there as a complement and the relationship between you and the other will be bidirectional. Maybe you don´t find the love of your life, or maybe the love of your life is right there standing next to your soul, your writings, your smiles, your creativity. Also, you may think that the love of your life doesn’t exist. Me I do. I believe in the real love. Do you know why? Because when someone has accumulated love inside… it is impossible not to believe in love. You will always be somebody for someone. The key issue here is exploration.

If you think that person is the one, who you already know and who is not yours but was, that person is not the one. The feeling will come. The love will come. Your beloved will come. My love will come. If everything was failure, think that it wasn’t a failure at all (call it unsuccessful attempt). Think that you learned something good about the bad. The day has 24 hours. You have to make it have 48. And make two days of one. And the situation will change. In these 48 hours you will explore as much as you can to find your reason; the reason why you made the day to have 48 hours instead of 24. Two days, two people. And the situation will change: “And so it goes: every night you fall asleep with him struggling to stay awake for the Argentinian finals, and in the morning, there is she, the beautiful, forgiving woman who you love, too, till it hurts”

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained"

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